Rooted Strategies provides facilitation, strategic planning, and capacity building services.  

Consulting Services

  • Leadership development (see also coaching services)

  • Meeting and retreat planning and facilitation

  • Strategic planning

  • Theory of Change planning

  • Emergent and action learning

  • Core values, vision and mission setting

  • Program priority setting and implementation planning

  • Coalition or network formation, governance and change

  • Program redesign

  • Organizational restructuring and redefining roles and responsibilities

  • Team building

  • External and internal landscape analysis

  • Stakeholder input

Rooted Strategies utilizes facilitation techniques developed over decades of program management and planning experience at the grassroots, national and international organizational level. Our process is tailored to each unique organization and assignment.

We believe plans are best realized when set by those putting them into action. From Theory of Change planning to landscape analysis, vision and mission setting to implementation, we leverage the insight and knowledge of the organization and its stakeholders to bring about new realizations and ways of working together that create lasting change.  

Rooted Strategies founder Jessica also provides one-on-one leadership coaching for mission-driven individuals.  Read more >>

Facilitation Technique

Outside facilitation can bring an instant shift to the internal dynamics of an organization. Our immersive and participatory approach is a guiding philosophy to all the services we provide. We can help:

Meeting Guidelines 11-14 BW.jpg
  • Keep discussion productive and on topic

  • Build on knowledge and strengths in the room

  • Foster authentic dialogue

  • Nourish creative ideas

  • Stimulate robust discussion

  • Create space for everyone to have a voice

  • Examine difficult issues

  • Overcome personal agendas

  • Guide productive decision-making

  • Move the group to consensus

Specific Content Competencies

Whether working at the public policy, social research, action campaign or community-based level, Rooted Strategies brings a background of knowledge in:

  • Equity and undoing racism

  • Leading in complexity

  • Mission-driven coalitions or networks

  • Impact-driven philanthropy

  • Economic justice

  • New economy

  • Food security and food justice

  • At risk or disconnected youth

  • College readiness

  • Early childhood and K-12 education

  • Immigrant rights

  • Women’s rights

  • Workforce development

“I am in charge of an ambitious organizational transformation campaign and set out to facilitate a planning process and retreat myself, but then I came to my senses and hired Jessica. She entered the process seamlessly, listened to what I needed, and made everything easier and more enjoyable.”
Kate Gualtieri
Director of Strategy - MDRC