Hudson Valley Farm Hub

The Hudson Valley Farm Hub is working to build an equitable and resilient food system in the Hudson Valley through its 1,255 farmer training, research and demonstration farm. The farm sets out to test ecological regenerative and equitable practices while remaining economically secure and locally rooted. Rooted Strategies facilitated a five year strategic planning process including establishing an organizational Theory of Change. The process was as important as the plan itself during an ambitious start-up phase. The program was launched in late 2013, when the Local Economies Project purchased the farm. The Farm Hub is now an independent organization.


School Food Focus

School Food Focus (now merged with FoodCorps) was a national collaborative that ignited change in the school food system by connecting districts and food businesses across the supply chain to put delicious, nutritious meals on kids’ school plates. Rooted Strategies facilitated a Theory of Change planning process to create an outcomes based framework for the change they want to see in the food system. This framework helped lead to a decision for the organization to merge with FoodCorps.

Good Work Institute

The Good Work Institute (formerly is a start-up nonprofit that sets out to develop a thriving collaborative network of entrepreneurs, placemakers, and leaders and their activated communities doing Good Work in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Rooted Strategies facilitated a Theory of Change planning process to provide a framework for clarifying the mission and setting program priorities.

Mediation Center of Dutchess County 

The Mediation Center of Dutchess County (MCDC) worked with Rooted Strategies on a three-year strategic planning process with the full staff and board. Jessica supported the organization to strategically bring its  programs together and rethink the focus of the mission, preparing the organization for a leadership change.  Key stakeholders were included in the process through a breakfast session to complement an internal and external scan of the work.


Glynwood is an agricultural nonprofit organization based in Cold Spring, New York working towards ensuring that farming thrives in the Hudson Valley. Rooted Strategies facilitated a planning process culminating in a retreat for staff and farm apprentices focused on team building and communication. The retreat was held at Omega as part of their Service Week Strengthening Communities Summit.  

Gateway to College National Network 

GtCNN is a unique dual enrollment program for high school dropouts (based on community college campuses) that allows students to obtain a high school diploma while also earning college credits. In 2012, Rooted Strategies was hired by the evaluator MDRC to support the GtCNN as it participated in a study to test the impact of its programs. Jessica worked directly with four of the 43 sites in the network to facilitate a strategic planning process for increasing enrollment and retention of program participants. 

In 2014 GtCNN came back to Rooted Strategies for a train-the-trainer contract to support them in replicating this process for their Enrollment Project, working with seven additional sites. These sites had such positive results that they lead a week-long enrollment conference for their peers in July, 2015 with Jessica's participation.  


NWTC worked with Rooted Strategies on a strategic planning and implementation process to meet ambitious participant recruitment goals for random controlled trial study of the GED Bridge program that supports students in passing the exam to get credentialed and then transition to college. 

A strengths seaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis helped staff think through what it would take to overcome barriers to reaching "right fit" students for this program including designing an ambitious marketing strategy. Rooted strategies also provided on-going implementation support and coaching.


Pace has 18 centers across Florida that provide girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through an all girls full-time schooling alternative to middle and high schools. They offer wrap around services including counseling. Between 2012-15 Jessica worked as a strategic planning consultant with PACE that included retreat facilitation, creating center-specific strategic plans, guiding implementation, one-on-one coaching, and measuring imact of the technical assistance through increased participant recruitment and retention.

food systems network nyc

After ten years of leadership, networking, and collaborating on groundbreaking work to advance sustainable food systems in the New York City region, Jessica facilitated a strategic planning process that resulted in the FSNYC leadership deciding to close the organization in 2014. They reached this conclusion after reflecting on all that they have accomplished.  The decision to complete their work as an organization was a constructive and positive process that resulted in bittersweet results.                            

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