Whether you seek a facilitator for a strategic planning process or have a sense of where you want to go but not sure how to get there because internal and external forces are not pointing in the same direction, Live Dirt Strategies can help.  Live Dirt Strategies offers facilitation, strategic planning and social media consulting services for nonprofits, community-based organizations and individuals wanting to achieve goals more creatively and efficiently.  With an emphasis on strengthening roots and nourishing ideas, we will help you live up to your vision and find a way to be more unified around a clear set of goals.  Together we will leverage the power of social media to learn from listening, advance your mission, and build constituencies.

Facilitation Technique

Outside facilitation can bring an instant shift to internal dynamics.  With the help of Live Dirt Strategies you can expect to achieve your meeting objectives and experience a smooth and on time session.  We can help:

  • establish and uphold meeting guidelines
  • build on knowledge and strengths in the room
  • foster authentic dialogue
  • nourish creative ideas
  • stimulate robust discussion
  • create space for everyone to have a voice
  • examine difficult issues
  • overcome personal agendas
  • guide productive decision-making

Strategic Planning Approach

Together we will analyze all that facilitates and gets in the way of meeting your goals.  Stepping back and naming internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats is central to this process.  This helps us uncover what areas of work could be improved or contracted.  From here we will envision what overcoming perceived weaknesses and threats looks like and explore what short-term or partial achievements we need as steps toward our longer term objectives.

Through effective facilitation and a fresh outside perspective, Live Dirt Strategies uses techniques that are grounded in decades of nonprofit and community organizing experience to help you:

  • examine experience
  • test assumptions
  • gather information
  • respond to dynamic environments
  • adjust organizational directions
  • make tough decisions
  • establish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals
  • develop action plans to achieve your goals creatively and efficiently
  • become more unified around a clear set of goals

Social Media Method

Social media offers powerful tools to advance your goals through information-gathering, promoting, content dissemination, constituency engagement and influence.  Applying the same strategic approach to the realm of social media, Live Dirt Strategies specializes in helping organizations and individuals build their social media skills and create a plan grounded in goals to help you:

  • build on existing knowledge and efforts
  • learn the art of listening and selfless engagement
  • invest in the concept of being a social organization
  • implement a strategic and flexible presence on various social media channels
  • create content and manage postings
  • integrate efforts with existing on-line strategies
  • ensure promised tasks get accomplished
  • establish tracking and reporting systems
  • incorporate lessons into the action plan