The Local Economies Project has an ambitious startup phase and needed to take a step back to explicitly name its core values and define a theory of change to guide priority setting.   >>

We facilitated the first City of Pittsburgh Early Childhood Education Consortium meeting with a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis focused on how to be in partnership together and established guiding principles.   >>

I was planning to facilitate my own retreat with our senior team, but then I came to my senses and hired Jessica who entered the process seamlessly, listened to what we needed, and made everything easier and more enjoyable.
— Kate Gualtieri, MDRC

The Gateway to College National Network re-hired us for a train-the-trainer on our SWOT 2.0 (Shifting Weaknesses to Outcomes Training) process for participant outreach and recruitment planning. >>

MDRC is social policy think tank that regularly hires us to facilitate strategic planning with programs they are evaluating, in addition to working with a wide range of divisions inside the organization. >>



We are a facilitation and strategic planning consulting boutique for social action organizations. >>



Rooted Strategies owner Jessica Walker Beaumont is a seasoned facilitator and planner with a proven track record in meeting each client’s unique needs. >>



Are you looking for a process that will get your team excited about planning, thinking out of the box, and bought into the end product? We can help. >>