Rooted Strategies founder Jessica provides one-on-one leadership coaching for mission-driven individuals.  


Whether you are seeking to become a better manager, respond to a changing work environment, thrive as a leader, or engage in succession planning or a job change, partnering with a coach is a great way to get better results.

Jessica's coaching approach is designed to help you connect (or reconnect) with your unique leadership powers and purpose, and use them as fuel to overcome the challenges you face. It is a two-step process, where you learn more about yourself so that you can move more powerfully into action towards the things you want.

Jessica works in partnership with you to design the coaching engagement you need in order to gain clarity and direction to advance your leadership goals. You will get rooted and become a more confident and effective leader. Sessions provide the structure, intentional space, and accountability needed for you to stay in action. Think of coaching as professionally facilitated life change. 

Jessica received her Professional Co-Active Coach certification through CTI, accredited by the International Coach Federation. The approach creates an environment where individuals can be deeply fulfilled and successful in what matters most.

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“Jessica offers a unique, holistic, and strategic type of coaching from a place of deep compassion that facilitated some personal breakthroughs. It is hard to imagine the progress I've made in trusting myself, prioritizing my values, and making difficult but necessary life decisions, being possible without her coaching presence. Our coaching relationship has given me tools I can use in times of positivity and in times of crisis alike and reminded me of the power of accountability and support.”