Jessica Walker Beaumont is the founder of Rooted Strategies, which provides strategic planning and capacity building consulting and leadership coaching to mission-driven organizations and individuals — allowing them to thrive and become more effective in fulfilling their purpose. 

Jessica coaches individual leaders, facilitates dynamic conversations, and leads transformational organization planning processes with a proven track record in guiding many clients through measurable change.

Her facilitation techniques were developed over decades of program management and planning experience at the grassroots, national, and international organizational level. Using theory of change, emergent learning, and responsive strategic planning approaches, she increases organizational capacity to work in these complex times. Her approach centers racial equity and inclusion through helping to set goals for closing racial gaps, leading racial equity workshops, and facilitating white affinity groups. Jessica brings humility to this work and a commitment to having courageous conversations and encourages her clients to do the same.

With a Master’s in Public Administration from Columbia University and certified as a Professional CoActive Coach, Jessica combines an understanding of how large systems influence outcomes with a passionate belief that each person can move more powerfully into action towards a fulfilled life. Jessica is a Partner of Moving Beyond and is an Art of Transformational Consulting alumni network member.

Prior to starting Rooted Strategies, she spent six years managing a national economic justice program with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and played a leadership role in four national coalitions.

Based in Seattle, WA, Jessica works locally and across the U.S. and has consulted with a variety of clients, including foundations, networks, non-profits, community colleges, and community-based organizations. Recent clients include the Raikes Foundation, Bedford 2020, Global Impact Investing Network, City Harvest of New York, MDRC, Hudson Valley Farm Hub, the Local Economy Project, and School Food Focus.

The name Rooted Strategies is inspired by Jessica's grassroots organizing background and passion for urban gardening.

The name Rooted Strategies is inspired by Jessica's grassroots organizing background and passion for urban gardening.

Intuition serves Jessica well as a facilitator and coach. Clients often share that she has a strategic mind and the capacity to delve into complex content. Jessica is a talented fundraiser for causes she cares about and served as development director.

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“Jessica brought a toolkit and perspective to organizational development that I have not experienced elsewhere and I’ve worked with many consultants. She went beyond the surface issues affecting the organization. When she’s done, you’ll have an organization that is more focused and strategic, with tools to break free of old patterns."
Olivia Hatch Farr, Co-Founder, Bedford 2020 Coalition.